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Ducting Doctors keeping your frying extraction in top condition

Dirty or poorly serviced ducting presents a real risk of fire...

Now we are not trying to scaremonger, but we would like to state a fact: if you are not already aware that fish frying ranges or canopies, that are not correctly serviced are at risk of the above then let us inform you that these sorts of appliances are in, the highest risk category in any takeaway in relation to causing fires! If you look at your insurance documentation relating to your business, it is constantly gearing towards a scheme of supervision and regular scheduling involving servicing, maintenance, and the thorough cleaning of integral duct systems attached to the aforementioned equipment. Insurance companies and health and safety guidelines make it now, your legal obligation to ensure that these forms of work are carried out by:

The correct people in reputable companies or organizations holding the relevant qualifications required to undertake the necessary works in the correct manner.

Failures in compliance can cost you your livelihood! It therefore comes down to companies or organizations such as ours to make you aware of certain facts.

We at Martyn Edwards / Frank Ford can offer you our best possible customer service, professionalism, and expertise in these fields along with our massive wealth of knowledge to give you a sense of security.

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